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The Restomod Factory is dedicated to building the world's best Custom Muscle Cars and Truck Restomods.


We say Resto-Mod Factory? because we do everything inhouse. The Resto-mod Factory is a true performance driven classic car build experience from one location in Spring, Texas with proven award winning results. We make cars faster, safer and more comfortable while retaining the original appearance.


From The Beginning, some of the key components to our winning formula are the attention we pay to the small details, our passion for emerging technology and our study of Resto-mod trends, while staying grounded to our roots of traditional hot rodding.




Every hot rod has a look and stance that sets it apart from the crowd. Sabra Johnson’s Restomod Shop has developed a ground pounding stance by blending tradition with attitude to get noticed. The Restomod Factory crew can apply the winning look to your project with suspension set-up to fitting the body to chassis for perfect fitment.



The painting process of City Classic Cars is not the right choice for everyone, but if you have the passion and the financial means to build your classic car or truck to the ultimate level of greatness then Sabra and his crew are the craftsmen you desire.  From SEMA resto-mods to Pebble Beach Concours, Sabra and his team have the capacity and the passion to produce award-winning results. At The Restomod Factory our Body and Paint experts strive for perfection from tight fitting body lines and door gaps to mirror straight body panels lead to Ridler award winning paint finishes.

The Restomod Factory®

Custom Muscle Cars & Truck Restoration Shop  

Custom Restomods, Performance Fabrication, Partial Restorations, and Muscle Car Builds 




The heart of any restomod is the Chassis. The Chassis may very well be the single most important aspect of the Restomod experience. On a road-worthy street rod, nothing is more important than the chassis. A well-designed, well-built frame provides thousands of miles of comfortable cruising. What’s more, there are an endless combination of brake, suspension, bracing, rear end, transmission and motor choices. Many frame shops want to sell you an off-the-shelf solution, trying to make your rod fit their production needs. Don’t settle.


Here at The Restomod Factory, we realize that the Resto-Mod you want is the ride you want.

We can deliver a raw frame from a standard kit, with the modifications, bracing and brackets that you need, or we can help you choose from the leading component manufacturers to build a complete rolling chassis, with or without the block installed. So, if you want independent suspension at all four corners, with a ‘vette’ box, we can make it work. Or maybe you want to go vintage, with a quick-change out back and hairpins up front. We’ve done that, too. You’ll get your rod, your way, guided by our considerable Restomod experience.

Our build process is not the right choice for everyone, but if you have the passion and the financial means to build your classic car or truck to the ultimate level of restomod greatness, then Sabra and his crew are the craftsmen you desire. We welcome serious inquiries for street rod frame fabrication and custom restomods. Please contact Matilda at 832-717-0774 to begin the review process that will lead to the ride of your life!

Hot Rod, Street Rod and Resto-Mod Repair

The Restomod Factory @ City Classic Cars is a full-service restomod shop that specializes in turn-key builds, but maintenance is key to keeping your restomods in top condition. Sabra and his crew can repair, update, and perform minor modifications to your build project. Electrical, suspension, engine, plumbing, A/C or anything your classic project might need assistance to make it a safer and/or more enjoyable ride. Every hot rod that rolls thru our doors goes through a complete and personal process to ensure the finished project is exactly what you, the owner had envisioned.

We are known throughout this industry for creating innovative one-of-a-kind rolling pieces of automotive art. These cars all have style and are beautiful to look at – yet still have the power and performance to keep you excited to get behind the wheel. To find out more about creating your dream car, Contact us at 832-717-0774 or use our contact form

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