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The Restomod Factory at City Classic Cars builds the most iconic and epic Chevelle and Nova performance restomod restorations in all of Houston, Texas. 


One of our most recent builds is the 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Built in Texas by the Legendary City Classic Cars of Houston, Texas. Sabra has a worldwide reputation for building iconic Custom Muscle Cars and Performance Restomods.


In this episode of Behind the builds, Witness the story of another legendary Pro-Touring SEMA Build done with an iconic level of craftsmanship by Restorations By Sabra. The journey hasn't been easy but it's been worth it to create a build that's never been done before. Listen to Sabra tell the story of the build process, see the car cruising through the streets of Houston, and hear the client's reaction to seeing his 1972 Chevelle. This is The Black Panther.


When it comes to SEMA Custom Restomods, City Classic Cars is considered a world leader through masterful merging of new technology into classic and vintage automobiles. When you desire one of the best classic car performance restorations builders in the world, contact City Classic Cars at 832-717-0774.


The Black Panther is the newest addition to the winning legacy of epic restomods by City Classic Cars and its builder Sabra Johnson.

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